newsBody:Long exposures are a feature of astrophography that must be controlled to get the best results. Too short and your stars will not appear, too long and you get star trails. This calculator will work out reasonable exposure settings for your camera/lens combination without the help of auto-guiding. It works by estimating the potential declination drift caused by polar misalignment whether you use a polar scope or just line up with a compass and level. Head over to the website to find out more. headline:Polar Scope launched, timestamp:august 12 2014 03:38, newsBody:Polar Scope is now available on the Apple AppStore™. A super handy utility for astronomers and astrophotographers who have polar scopes mounted on their telescopes. Polar scopes are the most expedient tool for getting telescopes aligned to the polar axis. Up to now Southern hemisphere users have not been able to fully utilise their polar scopes because of the difficulty of identifying the southern pole star - Polaris Australis aka Sigma Octans. With Polar Scope southern hemisphere users can now use their polar scope with the same accuracy as northern hemisphere users. headline:Launch of new website, timestamp:august 10 2014, are happy to anounce the launch of their new look website. The old website has been offline since April 2014. We would like to express our most sincere apologies and hope that this new website answers any questions you have about our products. var verbConjugator_Description = Conjugate 4485 spanish verbs in 31 tenses. Includes brief descriptions of the standard conjugations and detailed conjugations of 1508 irregular verbs. And for those studying spanish in latin american countries voseo conjugation is included in 3 forms.

With a powerful search facility and flexible display modes this app is an essential tool for the serious student of the spanish language

This app comes in 2 versions: Spanish Verbs 4K the basic version that will perform the conjugation of 4485 verbs in 31 tenses.

Conjugator For Spanish Verbs is the full version that adds the ability to dissect the conjugation when an irregular verb is conjugated allowing students to drill down to the finer details of verb conjugation.; var pokerTimer_Description = A poker timer built for timing poker tournaments. For the savvy poker player who wants flexibility in their tournaments or the casual player who only wants a simple timer for their weekly poker game. It provides the ability to emulate the tournament structure of high stakes tournaments like the World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour and World Poker Tour or simply run a turbo pub tournament.

This app comes in 2 versions: LLA Poker Timer - a programmable timer with 5 basic tournament structures.

LLA Poker Timer Plus - has all the features of the basic poker timer plus the ability to create your own tournaments.; var polarScope_Description = A utility to help astronomers and astrophotographers set up their polar scope equipped equatorial mount systems. For the visual astronomer polar alignment is required for reliable goto performance. For the astrophotographer poor polar alignment affects the images by making the stars look like streaks instead of points - we have a name for it: declination drift.

This app helps you with the polar scope by showing you where the pole star ( Polaris in the northern hemisphere and Sigma Octans/Polaris Australis in the southern hemisphere) should appear in the polar scope. For southern hemisphere users extra assistance is provided in the form of the display of the related star pattern (aka asterism) for recognising the southern pole star. POLAR SCOPE